Frank Schubert.
Frank Schubert – CEO
oil portrait
Krystal Wilson – Office Manager
oil painting.
Duane Perkins – Plant Manager
Oil portrait
George Guel – Plant Engineer
oil portrait
Rick Gonzales- Construction Lead

Pat McCarthy- Lead Operator

Victor Arias- Lead Operator


Smokestack on running plant with no visible smoke.

Tracy Renewable Energy (Tracy, CA) – Collaborating closely with the City of Tracy, TRE has established a groundbreaking facility dedicated to treating a substantial portion of the city’s pre-treated water. We deliver ultra-pure water to the Tracy Wastewater Treatment Plant for use in responsibly diluting its discharge. The purified steam created in this process is used to efficiently dry agricultural products, yielding a high-quality, clean base ideal for premium pet food. This facility also features an 8 MW biomass-powered electric plant, where the electricity generated serves the local community, powers the plant, and fuels 20 electric and hydrogen-electric semi-trucks with renewable energy.

Motorbike in front of SteamBoy.

Musco Family Olive Company – The largest olive canning company in America hired us to bring their factory into compliance with the CA Water Board through the use of 3 SteamBoys to clean 100,000 gallons per day.

Mobile SteamBoy unit.

Tarac – Based in South Australia, Tarac is a leading supplier to the global wine, spirit, beverage, food and agribusiness sectors. We built a SteamBoy system for use in processing their frack water.

Constellation Wines – Responsible for producing nearly 2% of the world’s wine, Constellation hired us to build SteamBoys that convert their brine stream to clean water using their own grape pumice and grape seeds as fuel. The leftover concentrate is used as a fertilizer in their vineyards, bringing the entire system full circle.

Reserved Environmental Services – In order to treat wastewater from the oil and gas industries, RES had us build a SteamBoy to process 18,000 gallons per day of frack water.

Tehama Golf Club – This secluded club in beautiful Carmel, CA had us build a SteamBoy distillation system to treat the brine from their reverse osmosis water plant which serves their guests.

NRG Power Plant – In order to treat the high-salinity blowdown of a boiler at NRG, we constructed a SteamBoy system that cleans this waste stream and allowed the water to be reused in the boiler.


Heirloom Direct Air Capture facility.

Heirloom Carbon – A leader in Direct Air Capture (DAC) technologies, which seek to pull gigatons of carbon dioxide pollution out of the atmosphere to turn back the clock on climate change, Heirloom subleases land from TRE where they have constructed the nation’s first commercial DAC facility.

Algae growth bed.

Carbon Capture Coatings – Another leader in DAC technologies, Carbon Capture Coatings partners with Reactive Surfaces and is a guest of TRE as they test their algae-based technology and begin to scale to the sizes needed to fight climate change.

Cummins – We have the exciting opportunity to provide a boiler for Cummins to build a gasifier for, improving the efficiency of our carbon-neutral combustion process and creating the opportunity to certify carbon removal credits.

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